Chip And Pepper Jeans

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What Style Of Chip And Pepper Jeans To Choose?

Chip and Pepper brand, also known as Chip and Pepper Foster was create by 2 twin brothers Garvin and Drew. These designer jeans use a high quality, lightweight denim material. What's unique about them is a boot cut fit. Most of the jeans have a cool and trendy, hip vibe. Many young people choose them.

Chip and Pepper jeans are available in many colors like dark blue, light blue, olivia, stone, act and pale blue. The size used is inches. Many celebrities showed off with these jeans. Another benefit of using these trousers is long durability because of the good material.

Chip and Pepper Ike Nifus Jeans (Dixon) look really classy and cool. The worn our is very attractive. It's available in a dark blue color. The jeans characterize in low-rise waist and a straight leg cut. You can get them for no more than $100. Below you will see some quick overviews and reviews of top styles.

Chip & Pepper Jeans Walk Of Shame In Pain are greet for anyone looking for a more hippy look. These low-rise jeans have rips, tears and frays. They are made of a stretch denim that's 98% cotton. If you are looking to achieve this scandalous and intriguing look, check more jeans in this style

Chip & Pepper Sorority Girl Jeans reflects a beach and a surfer culture in California. The jeans are made 100% of cotton. The rise is 7 1/2'' front and 11'' back. The trousers also have an Inseam bootcut leg.

High Maintenance style from Chip&Pepper characterizes in a vintage, old-school look. Perfect for a summer and a beach. They have a 27'' Inseam Slim Leg.

Chip and Pepper Pamela Jeans were inspired by a popular italian actress, Pamela Dru Foster. The jeans look very stylish and classy and feature a 34'' Insaem in a Bootcut leg.

Chip and Pepper Pearl jeans are great for any party. The precious gem shines during a crazy night. The elegance and luxury feel is exposed in this product.

Olivia style can fit to any girl and women. The regular and traditional, casual look may be something you were looking for.

Gilhart style for women refers to a girl who does what she feels is right. She doesn't ask for permission but act through her own intentions and intuition. Get a part in a crazy ride with these jeans.

There are many men styles available in Chip & Pepper brand. One of them is Bobby Baby. These vintage jeans can remind of the 50's time. The interesting wrinkles and a slank pockets look very classy.

Other men's style is Tuck. The jeans have a 5-pocket Tuck that can be very handy. 

Chip and Pepper Fraternity Boy was inspired by the adventurous life of football games and clubbing. Perfect for any party to get the attention.

Other styles available for men are Picklewagon, Big Pickle and IKE. Check your local retailers, eBay and Craigslist to see the current prices and jeans available for sale now.